NewsHour Impeachment Coverage: Analysis and Commentary - Starr's Performance

November 19, 1998

JIM LEHRER: All right. An afternoon break. We're uncertain at this point as - let's see - Congressman Gekus - there are 35 actually - yes, there are - there are still 30 to go -- Margaret, if I have counted right. Margaret Warner is here, along with Stuart Taylor and Elizabeth Drew for this break. As you heard Chairman Hyde say, they will be back at 5 after 2. I wouldn't take any bets on that, but that's neither here nor there.

JIM LEHRER: But anyhow, the one question that's been unanswered at this point - at least we don't have an answer to it - is that the original plan was that the minority counsel, Abbe Lowell, was going to question Mr. Starr for 30 minutes and that got extended to an hour and then a little bit more, and then Mr. Schippers, David Schippers, the minority counsel, was going to question Mr. Starr, and then the members were going to do it. Obviously, they've made a change.

Where do you think things stand at this stage of the game, Stuart?